Here is a list of projects the lab is currently involved in:

Advanced Analytics for Data Driven Well-being & Human Resources Management (AI-WHRM)

2018 - 2021

Innoviris team up: Attentia NV & VUB. This project aims to develop prototype analytics-based tools, applications, and expertise that enable an employee well-being-centred and data-driven human resources management.

Smart decision support for risk estimation of invoices

2018 - 2021

Innoviris team up: Edebex & VUB. This project investigates the use of A.I. and machine learning technology to assist operators in estimating the risk that financial documents carry in an interpretable, cost-conscious and durable way.

Preference learning for sustainable freight transport planning

2018 - 2021

Innoviris team up: SUMY & VUB. The goal is to automatically learn and use the preferences of stakeholders during the daily transport planning and vehicle routing. Such an AI-driven decision support increases operational efficiency, as well as the involvement of employees and customers.

Data-driven logistics

2018 - 2022

SBO. Lead by Prof. Vanden Berghe from KU Leuven/CoDes with partners at KU Leuven, UHasselt and VUB of course, this strategic-basic research project's advisory committee includes VIL and leading Flemish logistics and logistics software providers.

Data driven decision making for complex problems

2017 - 2019

Australian Research Council. Tias Guns is international partner on this fundamental research project with Australian partners in data mining and constraint optimisation. It studies novel ways of using (discrete) optimisation techniques for data mining problems and visa-versa.

Brussels MOBI-AID: Brussels MOBIlity Advanced Indicators Dashboard

2016 - 2020

FEDER ICITY-RDI. The goal is to build a mobility analytics system for the city of Brussels, to better understand its dynamics and to support policy making and its impact.

Demand Sensing

2016 - 2020

VLAIO. Long term industrial research collaboration to develop dynamic forecasting approaches for short term estimation of demand evolutions. The developed methods, based on ensemble approaches, are developed in the context of their integration into production planning systems.

Here is a list of past projects the lab was involved in:

Value-centric Credit Risk Analytics

2015 - 2017

Research chair. Research collaboration with a financial institution to develop a value-centric customer analytics architecture and modeling approaches, to maximize returns of marketing campaigns by selecting the most appropriate channels, level of marketing intensity, etc.

C-CURE: Cost Sensitive DynamiC User Authentication with REinforcement Learning

2015 - 2018

Innoviris BRIDGE Strategic Platforms 2014: Information Security. The goal is to develop more user-friendly authentication mechanisms for low risk services using Artificial Intelligence and Cryptography.