2 Research positions in Data Science


We have a vacant PhD position in the area of data science and machine learning for the application domain of logistics. The goal is to investigate and develop machine learning techniques that can capture the variability in logistics operations such as vehicle routing (e.g. delivery durations, volume), train loading (arrival times, duration), etc as well as integrating the learned models into optimisation procedures. It is the integration of the two (learning and optimisation) where the main challenges lie.

The position is in the context of an inter-university project with multiple logistics companies, titled 'data-driven logistics'. The project involves three optimisation labs and two machine learning labs, including our Data Analytics lab at VUB. You will be given access to cases and real-life data from the companies, and discuss ideas and results both with the companies and the university partners.

In more detail, the project seeks to develop innovative methodologies for data-driven optimisation in logistics. Such an approach would enable the use of available data to learn and find patterns, thereby continuously and automatically adapting and improving logistics optimisation processes. This is expected to pave the way for a new generation of logistics optimization software, yielding substantial benefits over the rigid traditional methods. The developed techniques will be validated and evaluated on a number of case studies in different logistics contexts, thereby enabling an accurate assessment of the benefits of a data-driven approach to logistics decision-making.

Your tasks

You will read literature, discuss ideas, develop algorithms and prototypes, publish papers and participate in international conferences. You will join an enthousiastic and open-minded team of researchers in a flexible and rewarding work environment at VUB.

We are seeking interested candidates with a master degree and an appetite for data science. Basic programming experience is a requirement. Fluency in Python is a plus. Machine learning or optimisation experience is a plus too.

The research will be carried under the supervision of Prof. Tias Guns at the Data Analytics Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, VUB in Belgium:

The Data Analytics Laboratory is a vibrant research team of data scientists which actively engage in research projects with the industry for developing innovative business applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

For more information or questions, contact Tias Guns: or +32 (0)2 629 24 11