Data Analytics Team @ IFORS17

The Data Analytics Laboratory was presenting at IFORS 2017

The lab participated at IFORS 2017 in the three Business Analytics tracks organised by Wouter Verbeke, Dries Benoit and Kristof Cousement.

George Petrides presented his work about A closer look at voting methods for cost-sensitive ensembles, co-authored by Wouter Verbeke.

Sheida Hadavi presented her research in Understanding heavy goods vehicles’ behaviour by means floating car data, co-authored by Tias Guns, Wouter Verbeke and Cathy Macharis.

Floris Devriendt gave a presentation about his research in Profit driven uplift modeling, co-authored by Wouter Verbeke.

Lastly, Dimitri Robert presented his work on A new class of relational classification techniques based on centrality measures, co-authored by Wouter Verbeke, Thomas Crispeels, María Óskarsdóttir and Bart Baesens.