Research collaboration with Humboldt-Universität


Floris Devriendt joins the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin for a 1-month research collaboration on profit-driven uplift modeling. He will work together with Professor Dr. Stefan Lessmann, Chair of Information Systems at the School of Business and Economics.

Our SBO project "Data-driven logistics" got accepted!


It is lead by Prof. Vanden Berghe from KU Leuven/CoDes with partners at KU Leuven, UHasselt and VUB of course. It is a 4-year, strategic-basic research project and the advisory committee includes VIL and leading Flemish logistics and logistics software providers!

We are recruiting 2 researchers in Data Science


Recruitment closed.
We are looking for 2 motivated Ph.D. researchers who will investigate broadly applicable machine learning techniques that can address a companies' problems.

We are presenting @ BAFI 2018


Jente Van Belle will be presenting his research “A Step Towards Demand Sensing: Employing EDI852 Product Activity Data in Demand Forecasting” at the Third Conference on Business Analytics in Finance and Industry (BAFI 2018) in Santiago, Chile.

Download our paper on RULEM


Download for free the latest article published by Prof. dr. Verbeke in Applied Soft Computing: ‘RULEM: A Novel Heuristic Rule Learning Approach for Ordinal Classification with Monotonicity Constraints'.

We participate @ MOBI Seminar 2017


Professor Verbeke chairs a session on Citizens Science at the MOBI Seminar, starring dr. Imre Keserü, dr. Maarten Messagie as well as Data Lab Professor Tias Guns, who presents about artificial intelligence in transport.

Training on Credit Risk Modeling


Professor Verbeke provides a training on Credit Risk Modeling for Basel III at the National Bank of Belgium - European Central Bank.

We are present @ Digital First 2017


Sheida Hadavi holds a stand at' Digital First 2017 event while presenting our MOBI-AID project. Digital First aims to explore the very latest technologies, the new wave of technology adoption, the market evolution, new solutions, innovative technology, new opportunities and trends.

We present the value of data in predicting demand


The lab participates in the interuniversity IOF-TTO event on ‘Data & Software - How open is the future?’, in Brussels, with a presentation titled ‘The value of data in predicting demand’. More information.

We are presenting @ AnalyticsX2017


Prof. Wouter Verbeke is teaching a training session on profit-driven analytics at the Analytics Experience 2017 conference in Amsterdam on October 16th. More information.

Ph.D. dissertation Nadejda Alkhaldi


Nadejda Alkhaldi, research associate of the Data Analytics Laboratory, will publicly defend her Ph.D. dissertation entitled “On the Symbioses between Conceptual Modeling and Ontology Engineering: Recommendation-Based Conceptual Modeling” on November 17th at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Promotors are Prof.dr. Frederik Gailly (Ghent University), Prof.dr. Sven Casteleyn (Universitat Jaume I de Castelló), and Prof.dr. Wouter Verbeke (Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

Prof. Wouter Verbeke’s new book entitled Profit-Driven Business Analytics has been released!


Profit-Driven Business Analytics provides actionable guidance on optimizing the use of data to add value and drive better business. Combining theoretical and technical insights into daily operations and long-term strategy, this book acts as a development manual for practitioners seeking to conceive, develop, and manage advanced analytical models.

We are recruiting a researcher for profit-driven data analytics


Recruitment closed.
We are looking for a motivated Ph.D. researcher who will work on developing a framework for integrating data analytics applications and the development of profit-driven data analytics. Knowledge of Dutch is required, since some teaching is involved.

We present floating truck data


Our staff member Tias Guns presents the possibilities of floating truck data for cities at the Smart Mobility - Big Data session of the Belgian Route Conference 2017.

We participate @ ECML PKDD 2017


The lab participates in the European machine learning and data mining conference, ECMLPKDD, with a paper on "Learning constraints in spreadsheets and tabular data, TaCLe" and a talk at the PhD forum on "Tips for a succesful PhD, and how to win an award with it".

We are presenting @ CP 2017


The lab participates in CP, the Constraint Programming conference, in Melbourne in August with a tutorial on Intro to Data Science and Machine Learning and a paper on CoverSize: A Global Constraint for Frequency-based Itemset Mining.

We are presenting @ IJCAI 2017


The lab participates in IJCAI, the premier international AI conference, in Melbourne in August with a tutorial on Data Mining using Constraint Programming, a paper on Stochastic Constraint Programming with And-Or Branch-and-Bound and a workshop invited talk on Report on the Artificial Intelligence Special Issue on Combining Constraint Solving with Mining and Learning.

We are presenting @ IFORS 2017


The lab participates at IFORS 2017 in the Business Analytics tracks organised by Wouter Verbeke, Dries Benoit and Kristof Coussement. Presenters are George, Sheida, Floris and Dimitri.

We are presenting @ ISF 2017


The lab participates in ISF, The International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF), in Cairns, Australia, with a presentation titled ‘A Step Towards Demand Sensing: Employing EDI 852 Product Activity Data in Demand Forecasting’. Check out the proceedings here!